SFL Imams’ gather to discuss future collaboration

South Florida Council of Imams came together at the Islamic Center of Greater Miami (ICGM), for a meeting on Saturday to discuss collaboration on different issues. Hosted by SFL Muslim Federation and ICGM, Imams’ Team Event was a much needed opportunity for the council members to come together to know each other better, show their sport skills, and discuss how to better coordinate ongoing efforts.

These meetings are an effort to further the cause of unity of SFL Muslims. The federation will continue to arrange, support and/or encourage any opportunity to help the community grow stronger. Inshallah!

Below are some of the pictures and videos from the day!

SFL Imams’ Council at Islamic Center of Greater Miami

Sana Saif
Author: Sana Saif

Program Manager

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  1. Reply Patricia Salahuddin

    Masha Allah ! Great to see the leaders of the community meeting, sharing and collaborating. Insha Allah, it will lead to a unified community in South Florida. May Allah increase our love for Him. Aameen.

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