About South Florida Muslim Federation

In early 2017, representatives from over 40 Masajid & Organizations across South Florida met in a Town Hall to discuss working together for common interest in a unified platform, (or Federation). In October 2018, the following mission was collectively and unanimously established by over 3 dozen organizations.

To be a resource sharing hub that connects, empowers and serves South Florida Muslim organizations.

We have over 30 Muslim non-profits and mosques as our members. They are the most important part of the fabric and structure of this Federation. They make us who we are. We regularly meet with our members during our bi-annual general body meeting to share updates of on-going projects, get their feedback on these projects, our work and welcome their input for strengthening the SFL Muslim community. These meetings also serve as an opportunity to highlight the various community initiatives of our members through Raising the Bar stories. The idea is to promote as well as inspire others to replicate such efforts. Federation’s Executive Committee Elections also take place during the GB meetings.

You will find relevant information about our members on this website. Just click on the name of a non-profit or an Islamic Center you wish to know more about.

Non-profit Leadership Training is another area the federation feels strongly about in order to empower our members to maximize their potential, build better strategies to engage with their congregants and core audience, encourage volunteer participation, improve board governance, operational management, fundraising and much more. These training workshops are organized as part of our General Body meetings as well as separately through out the year.

Members can also advertise their events, programs ands other community efforts on our website, social media and in our weekly newsletter.

How to become a member?

If you are interested in joining this amazing community of leaders and helping us serve the SOFLO Muslims better, write to us at info@soflomuslims.com.

(Note: Please be advised that for an organization to become our member, they must have a functioning field office and presence in the tri-county area.)


We have over 40 mosques and community organizations from Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade that serve our local populations.