Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic last year, SFL Muslim Federation and SFL Council of Imams has issued statements and guidelines for local Muslim community to adhere to to minimize the risk of the virus. In its most recent attempt, the federation has partnered with American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) to issue guidelines for khutba (sermon), lectures and community awareness about COVID vaccine. Imams and community leaders in SFL will be using these guidelines to encourage people to continue observing COVID-19 related precautions and to get vaccinated.

Vaccine Khutbah

‘This Khutbah Guide seeks to shed light on Islam’s injunctions and principles regarding the permissibility and validity of vaccination efforts. Many imams and other Islamic leaders have issued clear statements asserting that vaccination is consistent with Islamic principles.

‘The weekly Friday Sermon is an important opportunity for congregants to learn about how they can put their faith into practice and therefore provides an ideal venue for delivering an appeal to community members to take their personal health and community’s public health seriously.

‘This COVID-19 Khutbah Guide is a compilation of talking points, hadeeth, and Quranic verses to encourage American Muslim congregants to support vaccination efforts. This Guide should be used by Muslim leaders delivering lectures, talks, or khutbahs.’

To read read full text of guidelines, click on the link below:


Listen to this 5 minute Khutbah by Imam Arqum Rashid: