SFL Muslim Federation Outreach Committee Chair, Maha Elkolalli, Esq., was invited by WPTV on Thursday, March 11, for a panel discussion on ‘Hidden Bias in Good People’. The discussion was an effort to open dialogue, discourage and come up with solutions to end different forms of discrimination prevalent in the society.

Other guests on the panel included:

 – Patrick Franklin, Urban League of Palm Beach County

 – Maricela Torres, Esperanza Community Center

 – Josephine Gon, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

The discussion livestreamed on WPTV FACEBOOK page was hosted by two of the channel’s news anchors, Tania Rogers and Kelley Dunn.

Below is a compilation of Maha Elkolalli’s responses:

(Video Courtesy: WPTV/Channel-5)


If you missed the live session, watch the complete discussion below:

Video Courtesy: WPTV/ Channel-5


Sana Saif
Author: Sana Saif

Program Manager