General Body Meeting

SFL Muslim Federation held its bi-annual General Body Meeting over the weekend at Islamic Center of Greater Miami (ICGM). The meeting was attended by Muslim leaders from across the tri-county area. The key areas discussed during the meeting were Muslim Mental Health Initiatives, HalalBiz Connect launch, Masajid Safety and Security, Outreach and Advocacy efforts to promote the Muslim point view, upcoming Muslim Matrimonial and other efforts by SFL Muslim Federation and its member organizations.

Raising the Bar – Member Stories of Excellence and Best Practices

  • ICNA Relief USA – Resource Center
  • MJAM – Quran Retreat
  • Al=Hikmat Institute – Community Outreach and Connectivity

Open Forum Discussion

Key issues brought forth by the participants for discussion included:

  • 501-c3 status maintenance
  • Zakat applicants/ recipients database – committee members: Yunus Ismail (SFL Muslim Federation), Tahir Ismail (ICGM), Abdul Rauf Khan (ICNA-Relief USA), Shakeel Hye (ICW)
  • AMP FL – American Muslims for Palestine Florida chapter

Beautiful Minds Training – Transforming Potential into Extraordinary Results by Nasser Aziz

Following the meeting, board members of different non-profit organizations attended ‘Transforming Potential into Extraordinary Results‘ by Nasser Aziz, founder of Creative Management Workshops. The workshop focused on integrating the old and the new; religious teachings and modern knowledge to build a strong and competitive Ummah.