Family Action Network Movement (FANM) held a joint press conference in Little Haiti today (04-23-2024) to speak out against the continued deportations of Haitians back to Haiti, and to call for TPS Redesignation for Haiti. The press conference was attended by a number of Haitian community representatives who were joined by SFL Muslim community leaders, elected officials and faith leaders as well.

Prominent among the attendees were Mayor of N. Ft. Lauderdale – Samson Borgelin, Alix Desulme – North Miami Beach Mayor, Miami Commissioner and Founder of Family Action Network Movement – Marlein Bastien, Paul Namphy – FANM, Tessa Petit – Florida Immigrant Coalition, Samir Kakli and Yunus Ismail of SFL Muslim Federation,  Corey Shearer of Emgage-FL, Ken Barnes of Jewish Voice for Peace South Florida and Neuteyshe Felizor – Black Voters Matter.

Some attendees at the press conference held up placards calling on the US government to redesignate Haiti’s Temporary Protected Status and stop deportation of Haitian immigrants.

In a statement read out during the press conference, Samir Kakli expressed solidarity with the Haitian community and assured them of support of the local Muslim community.

The full text of the statement is included below.

The Muslim Federation of South Florida stands in solidarity with the Haitian community and supports the designation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti. As an organization rooted in the principles of compassion, justice, and solidarity, we recognize the urgent need to extend assistance and protection to our Haitian brothers and sisters who are facing significant challenges.

Haiti has endured a series of devastating natural disasters, political instability, and economic hardships, leaving its population vulnerable and in need of support. Granting TPS to Haiti is not only a moral imperative but also a practical necessity to ensure the safety and well-being of its people.

As Muslims, we are guided by the teachings of Islam, which emphasize the importance of helping those in need and standing up for justice. Supporting TPS for Haiti aligns with these core values and reflects our commitment to being compassionate global citizens.

Furthermore, we recognize the historical context of Haiti’s struggles, including its legacy of colonization and exploitation. It is incumbent upon us to acknowledge and address these injustices by offering tangible assistance and protection to the Haitian community.

Granting extension TPS to Haiti is not only a humanitarian gesture but also a pragmatic solution that can help stabilize communities, promote economic development, and alleviate suffering. We urge policymakers to act swiftly and decisively in granting TPS to Haiti, demonstrating a commitment to upholding human rights and dignity for all people.