Click on the flier or link and make you Qurbani/ Udhiyah contribution for this Eid al-Adha to a charity you prefer.


In giving your Qurbani to local families in need, you will be taking part of a forgotten sunnah. There are huge blessings in giving Qurbani but most especially giving it to local community members in need. With the prices of groceries going up, it’s becoming more difficult for families to afford food.

We’ll take care of your Qurbani so you can enjoy your Eid. Give your qurbani today at


Please visit our website Qurbani/Udhiya donation link for your reference. Also find herewith all payment option for your reference. Click here to donate.

Zakat Foundation

Islamic Foundation of South Florida (IFSF)

Islamic Relief USA

Helping Hands for Relief & Development

Friends of Humanity Int’l. Inc.

Zelle: 954-605-2937
Credit Card:

Life for Relief & Development