By SFL Council of Imams
May 25, 2024

As the student protests across US and other countries continue, the demand for a ceasefire and acknowledging the humanity of Palestinians since this conflict began in Gaza, there have been numerous calls of unity and equality across the globe. In South Florida as well, people from all walks of life and representatives of different religious and social organizations have joined in.

The South Florida Council of Imams expressed the combined sentiments of the local Muslims through an op-ed written for Palm Beach Post. They urge that instead of discrediting the student protestors or calling them antisemitic, the focus should be on the message they are trying to get across – ‘To ethnically cleanse a population is contrary to ALL religions as well as international law.’

Some of the excerpts from the op-ed are included here:

“The next generation of Americans is moving away from this old narrative of racial exclusivity in favor of one of universal human dignity. It holds that Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the region have equal rights and all deserve freedom and opportunity.”

“If we aspire to lasting peace in the area, what can be more American than this approach—that all men are created equal?…. It is not controversial for people to demand an end to the killing and the starving of children – it is Human.”

To read the complete OPED, you may access the OPED here.