FRAC helping Afghan Refugees

Efforts by FRAC – Florida Refugee Assistance Committee and it’s member organizations ICNA, Friends Of Humanity, Islamic Relief, MWO, IFSF Food Pantry, CAIR, SFL Muslim Federation. Broward MSA Council and representatives from Masjid Miami Gardens continue to grow. Its members are distributing food, meals clothing, hygiene kits, footwear, and more to Afghan Refugee families in Miami.

There are currently 86 Afghan individuals at the extended stay facilities, including men, women, and children.

Every Friday, FRAC and its member organizations are delivering meals, food supplies, clothing, and other essential items to the Afghan families.

Last week, in addition to cooked meals, food supplies, clothing, prayer rugs, personal items, IFSF Food Pantry delivered 300 lbs. of halal lamb meat.

MCA/Masjid Miami Garden volunteers are delivering Cooked Halal meals this Friday.

We are also exploring transportation logistics to take the men to a near by Masjid for Jummah prayers.

FRAC was established in 2015 to combine and strengthen the efforts of SFL Muslim NPOs towards the rehabilitation and assistance of refugees.

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