By Sabha Ali Hammad

Palm Beach County Representative, SFL Muslim Federation

Program & Outreach Coordinator – Communications AssociateCAIR-Florida

South Florida Muslim Federation’s Palm Beach County representative, Sabha Ali Hammad, writes about Ramadan from a personal perspective. Having grown up in Florida during a time when not much was known about Ramadan, fasting or any Muslim customs or rituals for that matter, fasting became a mystery for her teachers and peers alike.

‘My teachers were surprised that I was choosing not to eat at lunch or during parties. My friends would always ask me if I was OK and say that it was crazy that I was not eating. Some bullies would even put food in my face and tease me for choosing not to eat. I remember having to repeatedly say to people that I was fine, I am choosing to fast, and that no, I can not even drink water.’

Read how she educated her teachers and friends about Ramadan and how she continues to help people understand the meaning of Ramadan for Muslims. Click on the link: Celebrating Ramadan is a community Affair