SFL Muslims Welcome Removal of Muslim Travel Ban


On his first day in the office President Joe Biden signed some key executive orders, among these was the reversal of travel ban to US on several Muslim majority countries issued by former President Donald Trump. The ban was one of the first decisions made by Trump-administration and included Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Eritrea, Tanzania, Iran, Syria, and Libya among others.

South Florida Muslims have welcomed this decision and see it as a milestone in building trust between Muslim community in US and elsewhere. It is also seen as a sign of newly sworn in administration’s resolve towards improving relations with Muslim countries.

Throughout the past four years, the travel ban received criticism from Muslim world for being unfair and discriminatory. Although the ban later included some non-Muslim majority countries it was largely seen and referred to as ‘Muslim Ban’. The decision affected thousands of people around the world socially, economically and politically.  

The new administration has also signed an order putting an immediate stop to the building of wall along the Mexican border while in another decision it will be taking up the matter of illegal immigrants in the country. All these decisions reflect Biden-administration’s resolve to improve US relations with its neighbors and countries around the world.

Sana Saif
Author: Sana Saif

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