JANUARY 12, 2024

Following the one-sided cancellation of 2024 SOFLO Muslim Conference by Marriott Coral Springs, the local Muslim community feels they have been denied their basic right to assemble and develop as a community. Federation’s president, Samir Kakli, spoke to Miami Herald’s Lauren Costantino about what led to this decision by Marriott and how it has affected the SFL Muslim Community.

Below are some of the excerpts from the interview. You can read the full version here.

“This venue has been like a second home for Florida Muslim organizations and families, having hosted hundreds of peaceful events, and suddenly an Islamophobic campaign labels our entire Muslim community as terrorists…” said Samir Kakli, the president of the federation.

“We’re gonna continue to work for a better Florida, where any form of hate is rejected — antisemitism and Islamophobia,” said Kakli. “We won’t be silenced. This is our home. We’re not going anywhere.”

If you are unable to access the article, you can also find it here.