General Body Meeting

SFL Muslim Federation held its bi-annual General Body Meeting over the weekend at Islamic Foundation of South Florida (IFSF). The meeting was attended by a Muslim leaders from across the tri-county area. The key areas discussed during the meeting were Muslim Mental Health Initiatives, Masajid Security, Eid Holiday and Muslim Heritage Month and other efforts by SFL Muslim Federation and its member organizations.

Raising the Bar – Member Stories of Excellence and Best Practices

  • Al-Amin Center of SFL – Volunteer excellence
  • Nurul Islam – Perseverance in the face of adversity
  • ICGM – Community Outreach and Service



Naima Ghany-Khan (MSA Council)                      Salahudin Pahzoor (Al-Amin Center)


Allan Bakhsh (Nurul Islam)                                    Khalid Mirza (ICGM/ MCA)


Open Forum Discussion

Keys issues brought forth by the participants for discussion included:

  • Muslim Cemetery Update – Junaid Akhter and Rehan Balagamwala
  • CAIR-FL Policy Survey – Wilfredo Ruiz
  • Health and Retirement – Bassem AlHalabi
  • 501-c3 non-partisan voter registration and vote by mail – Khurram Wahid
  • Volunteer Management – Khalid Mirza
  • Muslim Community Center – Taha Qureshi
  • Bangladesh Relief Update – Quazi Huqe




Volunteer Training by Zubair Zafar

Following the meeting, board members of different non-profit organizations attended ‘ACCELERATE- The Keys to Growing your Volunteer Base‘ by Zubair Zafar, founder of One Ummah Project. He is an expert strategist in change-management that brings proven success by driving innovation, creating strategy, facilitating execution, and empowering tactics for small and global teams. Tayyab has been providing strategic guidance to both for-profit and non-profit organizations for over 20 years.

The training focused on introducing strategies to maximize the performance of non-profit board and the productivity of the organization.