By Samir Kakli
March 4, 2024

SFL Muslim Federation successfully held its 2nd annual conference in Fort Lauderdale. The event brought together Muslims from from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds on a single platform where they were able to learn from and interact with national and local speakers and enjoyed local halal food with friends and family. Now as the Muslim community prepares for the Holy month of Ramadan, that starts on March 10, it was important that we took stock of the events that led to the cancellation of our conference back in January, be grateful for the grace of All-Mighty for giving us the strength and resilience to face this challenge head on and organize a successful event that has borne out of the love for our community.

President of SFL Muslim Federation, Samir Kakli, addressed this issue in his recent OPED for Miami Herald. Below are some of the excerpts from the OPED.

“Hate crimes such as the recent stabbing in Texas show us how real and harsh the consequences are for spreading Islamophobia. We all must reject this form of hatred, just as we must reject racism, antisemitism and all other forms of hatred that seek to divide us through fear and prejudice. Disagreement is OK — dehumanizing is not.

“We will not be silenced and are here to stay. Our simple request to the reader: Hate and injustice thrive on misinformation. Before you make hurtful decisions based on hate-filled articles, do your own research. Better yet, find someone in the local Muslim community and ask us, or find a mosque nearby and attend an open house this upcoming Ramadan. Together, we can work for a better America.”

To read the complete OPED, you may access the OPED here.