We have created a Muslim Business directory designed to serve Muslim business owners and the Muslim community.  The Muslim community’s economic strength depends on our ability to keep the Muslim-earned dollar circulating within our community. Allah SWT has blessed so many of us with the talent and resources to be successful entrepreneurs and run successful businesses, however the majority of the Muslim community spends their dollars outside of the community, weakening our economic strength.

We have listings for everyday transactions like gas, cell phones service, home and car insurance, automotive sales and service, real estate, home financing, groceries, legal services, restaurants, coffee shops and cafes, medical services, clothing and shoe stores, real estate, beauty salons and supplies, travel agencies, notary and printing, security services, video production, investment services, import and export, home improvement, retail merchandise, the list goes on and on.

This Business Portal is designed to connect the greater Muslim community with Muslim-owned businesses throughout South Florida. We encourage you to #BuyMuslim and keep the Muslim dollar circulating in the Muslim community. Our future is only one click away!

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