Above: Muslim Heritage Month Proclamation ceremony at Miramar City Hall

The SFL Muslim Federation is pleased to announce the following cities have declared the month of April 2022 as Muslim Heritage Month:

– North Lauderdale

– Miramar

– Margate

– Hollywood

– Sunrise

– School Board of Broward County (April 14)

– Pembroke Pines (April 20)

– Cooper City (April 26)

– Hallandale Beach (May 4)

– (More to be announced)

In addition, May 2nd has been declared Muslim Day. These declarations are of special significance to the local Muslim community as April coincides with the Muslim holiest month, Ramadan and May 2 with Eidul Fitr.

Special presentation ceremonies were held at each of the cities where the proclamation was presented to Muslim Community representatives. The proclamation states the significance of Holy month of Ramadan while acknowledging the services of Muslim community. The declaration has been made possible by the continuous work of  Naima Khan, a BCPS Teacher and Advisor to MSA Broward Schools. She is a champion of ‘promoting diversity and equity’ in the community.

Similar proclamations will be announced in the cities of Sunrise on April 12 and Cooper on April 26, while other cities are also expected to follow suit.

This is the first Ramadan post pandemic and Muslim community is returning to the traditional practices of observing this month such as prayer gatherings, Iftar Open houses and Qiyaam Nights (prayer vigils) at local mosques. The 29 or 30 days of fasting end with the observance of Eidul Fitr, a day of celebration and rejoicing in the blessings of Ramadan.


  • American Muslim Heritage Month Proclamation, city of North Lauderdale.

  • City of Margate presenting Muslim Heritage Month Proclamation to local Muslim Leaders.

  • Mayor City of Miramar, Wayne Messam, reading out the proclamation.

  • Proclamation being presented to Muslim leadership in city of Sunrise. Watch the ceremony and listen to what our leaders have to say:



  • Moien Mohamed, Deputy Ameer of Islamic Movement of Florida, accepting proclamation from city of Hollywood.

  • Muslim Heritage Month proclamation ceremony at Pembroke Pines City Hall. Mayor Frank C. Ortiz with Vice Mayor Jay D. Schwartz, Commissioner Thomas Good, Jr. Commissioner Angelo Castillo, Commissioner Iris A. Siple presented the proclamation to Muslim community representatives.