Living in a country that is known as ‘world’s oldest democracy’, the term voting takes a whole new meaning. It not just entails going out and voting for the candidate you like or the values you live by. It means carrying on the legacy of the men and women who fought to death to get this right. It means upholding equality of law and freedom for all. It means doing your part in taking the country towards a direction you wish for it to take. It means securing the future of generations to come. It means setting examples for others to follow. It means being the change. 

Muslim communities across the US have braved many ups and downs and have come a long way in strengthening their ground. But there are many miles to be covered and that may only be possible if they actively participate in civic life to pave the way for favourable policy making.

Using the right to vote is key in this struggle. October 5th was the initial deadline but it has now been extended to October until 7PM owing to the site crash on Monday. So there is still time to register. 

Here are some of the resources and sites that you can visit to register to vote and choose how you wish to vote:

Register to Vote:

If you are not sure where to begin, the following link provides all the details about the process of voter registration along with a short but informative video on options available for voting. It also provides answers for concerns like voter age requirements, who can vote, changing your registration etc.

Where to register?

Click here and you will be taken straight to the page where you may register.

Voter registration deadlines:

For residents of Florida, voter registration ends October 5th. However, if you are not a resident of Florida and reading this, you may check with you local or state election offices to confirm the deadlines. All you need to do is enter your state and all the relevant details will be displayed on your screen.

state-wise registration deadlines

How to vote?

There are several ways you can cast your vote.

  • Mail-in ballot
  • Online voting
  • Early voting
  • In-person voting

For more details on each you may visit:

Take advantage of these resources and register to vote and become part of the change!

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