Update from Florida Refugee Assistance Committee

Assalamu Alaikum:
FRAC Committee

Total of $42,841 were raised with JUM on 2-18-17. Out of which $41,233 have been distributed to the refugee families.

Additionally, we have also distributed $52,414 from our FRAC account since 2016.

Thus far we have distributed a total of $93,647 to the refugee families since FRAC was established in 2016. This represents fulfilling 130 requests for financial assistance to over 60 families. Additionally, we have provided numerous in kind donations of food, hygiene supplies, medical and dental services, furniture and other assistance to the refugee families.

Alhamdu Lillah. A great example of community wide effort to collect from and distribute to the local community.

Yunus Ismail
FRAC -Florida Refugee Assistance Committee

Friends Of Humanity Int. Inc.

Friends of Humanity is a member of the South Florida Muslim Federation.

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