Bridging Communities: South Florida Muslim Federation Meets Univision

The South Florida Muslim Federation recently had the honor of meeting with Univision, the largest Hispanic TV channel on the East Coast. Led by Ms. Angela Ramos, Director of Univision’s Community Empowerment and Public Affairs, the meeting was a fruitful exchange of ideas and collaboration opportunities.

During the visit to Univision’s stunning facilities in Doral, Florida on April 3rd, the Federation had the pleasure of meeting key figures including President Mr. Eric Garcia, Vice President Ms. Yolanda Zugasti, and Executive Producer Ms. Elizabeth Cotte. We were warmly welcomed and given a tour of the headquarters, showcasing the impressive setup of the studio.

The discussion revolved around various topics including the Muslim community in South Florida, the increasing number of Hispanic Muslims and converts, as well as important issues such as Ramadan, Gaza, and the upcoming election. Invitations were extended to Univision to participate in the Ramadan Iftars, Eid Festival, and other forthcoming events.

The meeting concluded on a positive note with both parties expressing eagerness to collaborate further in the future, inshallah. It was a truly productive session, reinforcing the importance of fostering understanding and cooperation between diverse communities.