SFL Muslim Federation Update: Bylaws Meeting

July 1st, 2018: Sustaining, and growing. We are very thankful to Allah Almighty for allowing us to come together yet again to set the foundations for the future of the South Florida Muslim Federation. Alhamdulillah!

The By-laws task force, formed by the member organizations back in April, gave a detailed report on their recommendations regarding the voting and membership aspects of the Bylaws. The task force consisted of the following members: Leila Shatara, Malika Abdurahman, Mohammed Sanhaji, Wilfredo Ruiz, Dr Husman Khan, Khalid Mirza, and Afifa Khaliq.

With some minor tweaks and wording adjustments, the task force recommendations were unanimously accepted by all attending members. In addition, we opened up to the floor for any other comments / concerns in any portion of the bylaws. These suggestions were all noted, and will be incorporated into the final bylaws draft, which will be sent out in august. The final vote to complete the bylaws will occur in the next Bi-annual meeting on Oct 7th, 2018, Inshallah.

We would like to also extend a whole-hearted welcome to our 2 new member organizations: Islamic Jafferia Association, and Islamic School of Miami! Both have confirmed yesterday their intention to become official members of the federation. May Allah bless these 2 Islamic Centers, and all the Islamic centers and organizations who are participating to form this new platform. This brings the total membership count to 25 organizations, Alhamdulillah. All Praise to Allah for the tremendous blessings He has Bestowed upon us. Inshallah more members are in the works, if your organization has not yet signed up; don’t be the last, contact the Executive committee today so we can help you sign up. Below is the updated list of members:

Baitul Mukarram
CAIR Florida
Dawah il-Islam
Helping Hands for Relief and Development
ICNA Relief
Islamic Center of Boca Raton
Islamic Center of Broward
Islamic Center of South Florida
Islamic Foundation of South Florida
Islamic Jafferia Association
Islamic Relief
Islamic School of Miami
Masjid Al-Ansar
Masjid Al-Hijrah
Masjid Jamaat al-Mumineen
Miami Gardens Masjid
South Florida Muslim Young Professionals
UHI Clinic
Youth Coalition of South FL

Lastly, the brand-new, redesigned soflomuslims.com website was announced and presented a live demo. Businesses, Islamic Centers, organizations, can all use the site at no charge to promote their events or businesses, or job opportunities. Stay tuned – the free matrimonial service is right around the corner, and will be available soon Inshallah!


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  1. Saadia Zia July 2, 2018 Subscriber

    I would like to join this organization

    • samirkakli July 2, 2018 Administrator

      Salamualaikum, sister – May Allah bless you. We definitely have room for volunteers – please email us at info@soflomuslims.com and let us know about you, which masjid / organization(s) you are involved, and your volunteer background or experience.

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