SOFLO Muslim Community News

SFL Eid ul Adha Salah Timings – 2021

Please find below a list of Eid Salah Timings for mosques and Islamic Centers in the tri-county region. The flier will be constantly updated for any changes. To find a […]

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SoFlo Dawah Team Continues its Mission

Every two weeks SoFlo-WhyIslam Dawah team comes together at Sunrise Swap Shop. At their booth with ‘I Love Jesus because I am Muslim’ banners, and brochures they try to engage […]

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Untangled: The Layers of Guilt

By Maram Behairy – Of a world of passionate people who have conviction and power as they navigate this world and their lives, yet still have the open heartedness to yield for the sake of connection.

Qurbani/ Udhiya 2021 Programs in SFL

Click on the picture of your preferred organization to donate or make the payment for qurbani/udhiya:

SFL Muslim Federation partners with AMHP on COVID Vaccine Khutba Guidelines

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic last year, SFL Muslim Federation and SFL Council of Imams has issued statements and guidelines for local Muslim community to adhere to to minimize […]

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