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Welcome to SOFLO Matrimonial Service

What sets us apart

Reasons why you should choose our service

Free Service

Getting married is hard enough already. SoFlo Matrimonial is a free matrimonial service makes this process a little bit easier by connecting you with other eligible singles right here in the South Florida community.

Local Connection

If building a life in South Florida is part of your long term plans, SoFlo Matrimonial is the ideal way to meet other Muslims who have strong ties to the local community and also see palm trees in their future.

Guaranteed Privacy

Within a tight-knit community, privacy is of the utmost importance when looking for a spouse. SoFlo Matrimonial guarantees that your information will remain private and only be shared with interested parties.

The Team Behind the Scenes

Local Volunteers SoFlo Matrimonials is administered by trusted local brother and sister volunteers with deep ties and connections within the local Muslim community. You’re in trusted hands with our team!

Local Scholars – Imam Izhar Khan of Masjid Jamaat Al’Mu-mineen is the Islamic advisor for Soflo Matrimonials. He has played a key role in ensuring that our procedures are Islamically compliant.

Our Privacy Guarantee

SoFlo Matrimonials understand that privacy is incredibly important, especially in close-knit community. We guarantee that your information will remain private and will only be shared with interested individuals. We operate in accordance with Islamic beliefs and use state of the art security features to keep your data safe.

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Matrimonial Service F.A.Q.s

How is SoFlo Matrimonial different from other Muslim Matchmaking websites?

We focus on the South Florida community and connecting single Muslims who either live in the South Florida community or are interested in moving to South Florida.

How much does it cost to be a member of SoFlo Matrimonial?

It’s completely free!

How do I sign up for SoFlo Matrimonial?

Click on the signup button to get started!

If I am a parent can I sign up my son or daughter on SoFlo Matrimonial?

Absolutely! We highly encourage parents to stay involved through the entire matrimonial process.

Does the South Florida Muslim Federation conduct background checks?

No, South Florida Muslim Federation does not conduct background checks but we highly encourage all single Muslims to independently conduct background checks prior to marriage.

I have a question and I did not find the answer in the FAQ. What should I do?

Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you promptly!