SoFlo Muslim Federation Meets With Islamic Shura of Southern California

The South Florida Muslim Federation Meets with the Islamic Shura of Southern California

On February 2, 2019, the Executive Director of the South Florida Muslim Federation, Nezar Hamze, met with the leadership and members of the Islamic Shura of Southern California. Their quarterly general body meeting was located at the Chino Valley Islamic Center. The Islamic Shura of Southern California is made up of 63 Islamic centers and organizations and has been in existence for the last 24 years. During this visit, Nezar spoke to members of the Shura as well as the leadership to learn best practices and the do’s and don’ts of community-wide work.

Dr. Ahmed Soboh said, “As the American Muslim community is growing, and as we take it to the new era, our unity, or having a united leadership, is a must. Because when we are united, or when we are working together, we can achieve great things. Others are always searching for the voice of the Muslim community. The voice that represents the average Muslim and the mainstream Islam. Shura Council is that voice. Shura Council of Southern California had been glad to extend its help and assistance to many other councils and federation throughout the nation on best practices and projects that unify the Muslim community. We are honored and pleased to be of any help to our brothers and sisters in South Florida  Federation and make it a true embodiment of unity and coordination between their Islamic organizations and centers. If we coordinate our efforts and work together, our diversity becomes a source of strength instead of divisiveness.”

Nezar Hamze said, “Alhumdulillah, the SoCal community has made great steps to unify and work closely together to raise the status of the Muslim community. They are so organized that they are in the process of opening their own bank (credit union) to empower and serve the Muslim community. I am very excited to have learned from them and had the opportunity to meet my fellow American Muslims who are striving together and working together.”

The South Florida Muslim Federation is committed to unifying and strengthening the Muslim community. Our mission is to be a resource sharing hub that connects, empowers, and serves South Florida Muslim organizations.

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