By Samir Kakli

On Sunday, 12/20, 6 volunteers joined together at the Ft. Lauderdale Swap Shop, delivered over a hundred pamphlets, created by ‘WhyIslam’, to South Floridians to convey message of the last revelation from Almighty Allah, and true nature of Prophet Jesus (Peace Be On Him).

An effort that was initiated three months back, it has been growing gradually. The most recent addition to this campaign is Sheikh Ibrahim Dremali, whose coming has renewed the spirit of dawah. The hope is to maintain a sustained effort to call people to the beautiful way of life, achieving peace through pure worship of One God, and living ones life through the prescribed guidance He provided in the life of the last messenger, Muhammad (Peace Be On Him). May Allah grant tawfiq.

If you have good communication abilities, and are interested in joining the team, contact us at Our team of volunteers carry out this campaign every two weeks.

Here are a few glimpses of today’s service:

Author: samirkakli

South Florida Muslim Federation President