South Florida Muslim Federation stands for the principles of empowering people by uniting and serving them. Serve, Not Divide campaign has been initiated with this very motive: to educate the candidates and the general public alike on the significance of formulating and promoting political campaigns focused on serving the people and not dividing them on the basis of their differences.

As part of the campaign, South Florida Muslim Federation in partnership with EMGAGE reached out to community and faith leaders (Muslim, Christian and Jewish) and asked them how important it is for faith leaders and community activists to bring the communities together and stand-up against hate.

The leaders unanimously agreed that a divisive approach of leadership only breeds chaos. Reverend James C. Cook from St Mark’s Episcopal Church reminded people of the core Christian value of bringing peace to the world by serving humanity.

Echoing this belief, Associate Rabbi at Temple Judea, Feivel Strauss, stressed that as humans we do not merely need to tolerate our differences but also learn and grow together at the same time.

Imam Muhammad Ismail of Muslim Community of Palm Beach cited the example of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) famous pact aimed at reconciling the differences and rivalries among the tribes in Medina so that they could all work for the collective good.

Maha Elkolalli, Esq. and Executive Committee member of South Florida Muslim Federation, was of the view that it was imperative to vote for candidates committed to uniting communities as unity was the only way forward. Reverend Sanford H. Groff Jr., of ST Mark’s Episcopal Church, reiterated these views and explained how a collective vision helps overcome hate and changes lives in unprecedented ways.

Listen to this compilation of their powerful messages to hear what they had to say: