Nezar Needs Tires… Why Not #BuyMuslim? [VIDEO]

Nezar Needs Tires…

Nezar needs tires! So he’s gonna go find a local Muslim business to support (and save some money!). 

Use our new Business Portal to find local Muslim-owned businesses.

But Why (and How) Should You #BuyMuslim?

Nezar explains why and how you should #BuyMuslim – support your local Muslim businesses and keep the Muslim dollar in our own community.

Ready to #BuyMuslim?

Take the #BuyMuslim Video Challenge!

  1. Go to a local Muslim business (find one on our Business Portal
  2. Post a video of yourself going to the business after you make your purchase, and try to include the business owner (post on Facebook, “#BuyMuslim Challenge” and tag us @soflomuslim )
  3. Challenge one of your friends to take the #BuyMuslim Challenge at the end of the video.

We’ll feature your video on our website here!

Visit our Business Portal now to find Muslim-owned businesses of all types!

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