SFL Council of Imams held its quarterly meeting today in which Imam Abdul Hamid Samra (right picture), Imam Masjid Miami Gardens, was elected as the new Ameer. Imam Samra replaced Imam Izhar Khan of Jamaat ul Mumineen, who was the first Ameer of the council. The meeting was attended by imams and representatives of masajid in the tri-county area. These included Imam Abdul Hamid Samra (ICGM), Sheikh Shafayat (Al-Hikmat), Sheikh Tariq Chebbi (Miami Masjid), Sheikh Ahmad Ali (AICF), Imam Nasir Ahmed (Masjid Al-Ansar), Imam Faisal Fatani (ICB), Br Shakeel Hye (ICW), Br Gamal (Nurul Islam), Imam Zayd Sharief (Jamaat ul Muttaqeen) and Mufti Sultan Mohiuddin (IFSF). Imam Azhar Subedar and Br Samir Kakli represented the SFL Muslim Federation.

All the imams present at the meeting agreed to continue the efforts to unite and strengthen the local Muslim community through programs that benefit the Islamic centers, their congregants and the community at large. Special focus of the meeting remained on mental health and related challenges faced by the community especially post COVID-19, and ways of creating more opportunities for the community members to seek support. The other important discussion revolved around spiritual education and counseling of the youth and young adults to ensure the next generation grows up with a strong sense of identity.

Some of the other areas discussed in the meeting included community events at Islamic Centers, working with MSAs, grants and security programs for masajid, and development of Imams’ Council into a more unified and strengthen platform.

Below are some of the picture from the meeting: