In the wake of rising cases of Delta variant, SFL Muslim Federation teamed up with EMGAGE to educate the local Muslim community about the harmful effects of the virus, its fast spread and the significance of getting vaccinated. For this purpose, we reached out to community leaders, SFL Imams’ Council and Muslim physicians to help us disseminate this message.

Imam Abdul Hamid Samra, Imam of Masjid Miami Gardens and member of SFL Council of Imams, says that staying healthy, taking care of ourselves and those around us is a religious duty as he advises people to get vaccinated and observe CDC guidelines against COVID-19.

Dr Zafar Qureshi of UMC Free Clinic urges people to get vaccinated and observe CDC guidelines against COVID-19 as the threat of this virus still looms large.

Dr. Mohsin Jaffer of UHI Clinic emphasizes that the delta variant not only spreads faster but does more damage as well.

Shakeel Hye of Islamic Center of Weston and member SFL COuncil of Imams feels together we can defeat COVID-19 if we get vaccinated and observe the guidelines against the spread of this virus.

Imam Adrian Rajab of Masjid Al-Hijah believes that getting vaccinated is similar to a gift of health and medical care that we as charitable Muslims can give to one another.