Brother Francisco Carrera appeared on talk show program with celebrated Latino Radia and TV host Javier Romero on Univision 23 last Saturday to Talk about Islam in the Latino Communities in SFL as well as ‘IslamInSpanish’ being organized by South Florida Muslim Federation on July 13, 2024. If you were unable to watch the live interview, you can read the text of the interview below.

Los Latinos y el Islam

JR: Thank you for joining us. Next Saturday, July 13, the ‘Islamic Roots in Latin Culture’ event will take place in our community. It will be a family event where you can learn history and enjoy an art exhibition. But hey, we better welcome Francisco Carrera, an entrepreneur and member of the Muslim community. Francisco, thank you for being with us.

FC: Thank you very much for your time and allowing us to be here.

JR: You came to this country very young. How long have you been a Muslim?

FC: Oh, I converted to Islam in 2018 so it’s already been 6 years. Time flies. Hey and why are more and more Latinos becoming Muslims? Eh, I would say that it has to do with the simplicity of Islam. It is a very direct religion. It is a direct relationship with God. Also, the values that instilled in Islam are very similar to Latin values, that we have grown up in our countries. So, I believe that this relationship is important and Latinos can know about these aspects through the internet and access to information is much easier once they begin to learn them. They feel very related to this. It is very familiar. They can identify with these values and this I think leads them to a learning process of research, in which they end up saying, well this here has a lot to do with me.

JR: What are some of the steps to become a Muslim?

FC: The steps to become a Muslim…it is very simple. It is simply to declare that we believe in the same prophets as Christianity and Judaism. We believe in the same books the Bible, and in Jesus. The Koran tells us that Jesus is the Messiah and in that way Mary is the mother of Jesus. She is the only woman mentioned by name in the Koran. She has so much status already. Islam does not deny other religions. It confirms them. It already confirms that Jesus was on earth. It confirms that Jesus did miracles. It confirms this and the others. It simply corrects certain things for example it does not believe that Jesus is God. It believes that Jesus is a prophet sent by God and was given the gift of curing the sick, of resurrecting the dead and all this here is confirmed in Islam.

JR: Tell me a little about the event.

FC: This is an important event that will take place next Saturday, because already there is a large number of Latinos that exist in Islam and the numbers are growing. So, we have put together this event that takes place in part on Friday, July 12 and on Saturday, July 13. The main event will be at the Muttaqeen Mosque in Pembroke Pines. This will be on Saturday, July 13, At 6 p.m., seating is limited, so we ask the audience to please register. We are going to provide the link. It is called Also, we have a preview on Friday, July 12 at 1:30 in the afternoon at the Miami Gardens Mosque and also at the Sunrise Mosque. These are our weekly Friday sermons but it will be in Spanish. So, everyone is welcome.

JR: Very well Francisco, thank you very much for telling us about this tremendous event.

Thank you very much for tuning in to Univisión 23. Our team thanks you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as always blessings.

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