Important message from SFL Muslim Federation and Emgage FL regarding 2020 census

Why does the Census Matter? (Dr. Mirsad Krijestorac)

Every ten years the federal government of the U.S. conducts an official census to count and understand the population of the country so that it can provide it with the appropriate means. Censuses are the most important tool in determining who gets what, when and how in the U.S. Muslims, as taxpayers and contributing members of society, should do all that they can to respond to the census and be a part of that conversation. The South Florida Muslim Federation and Emgage are working in close collaboration to actively promote the 2020 Census and encourage Muslim communities to respond. The team is holding presentations and open discussions in South Florida Muslim centers in an effort to answer any questions that Muslims may have regarding the 2020 Census. 


It’s important for our community to take the Census, we have many scheduled events discussing why it’s important for us to take part in the Census.

To schedule a presentation at your center, please contact Yunus Ismail 954-605-2937.

Muslim Federation and Emgage Census 2020 presentation by Br. Dr. Mirsad at Madinatul Uloom Masjid on January 11, 2020


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