South Florida Council of Imams came together at the Nur ul Islam Institute (NUI) in Davie, for a day of fun, food and good company on Saturday. Planned by SFL Muslim Federation, and hosted by NUI, Imams’ Team Event was organized to provide an opportunity to the council members to come together for a relaxed and informal day, get to know each other better and at the same time show their sport skills.

The event began with Imams from a dozen South Florida mosques praying together and having a casual discussion over lunch afterwards. Later they split into different teams and were seen enjoying playing and competing against each other at ping pong ball and bocce ball, a game introduced to the group by Imam Naseeb Khan. While the younger imams showed off their skills on the basket ball court and continued to play even after the event concluded.

Among the attendees were Samir Kakli (President, South Florida Muslim Federation), Imam Naseeb Khan (Nur ul Islam Institute/host), Imam Muhammad Lunat, Imam Abdul Hamid Samra (ICGM), Imam Izhar Khan (MJAM), Mufti Sultan Mohiuddin  (IFSF), Sheikh Ali Barakaat (AICF), Imam Adrian Rajab (Masjid Al-Hijra), Br Shakeel Hye (ICW), Imam Rashid Ahmed (Madinatul Uloom), Imam Zayd Shareef, and Imam Nasir Ahmad (Masjid Al Ansar). All the attendees agreed that it was a great opportunity and hoped that more such events are held in future as well. 

Imam Naseeb (host):

‘It was great to to help in some way. I think it will yield great results in the future.’

Imam Adrian Rajab:

‘An amazing initiative! My heart felt Saqeena, and spirit is lifted at the thought of the potential for progress that our blessed South Florida Muslim community can experience. Our overflowing gratitude to all. We Thank Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and pray for success in our endeavors. Ameen!’

Imam Izhar:

‘Really enjoyed the food and the new game that Imam Naseeb taught us today. Looking forward to more programs like these in the future!’

Mufti Sultan Mohiuddin:

‘May Allah bless all of you who put this together and all of you who came! It was absolutely wonderful. MashaAllah!’

This event was an effort to further the cause of unity of SFL Muslims. A similar team building event was organized by the federation in January as well where Imams were taken out for a boating excursion in Palm Beach County. SFL Muslim Federation will continue to arrange, support and/or encourage any opportunity to help the community row stronger. Inshallah!

Below are some of the pictures from this fun-filled day!

SFL Imams’ Council at Nur ul Islam Institute

Sana Saif
Author: Sana Saif

Program Manager