Islamic Foundation of South Florida Holds Interfaith Event Remembering Victims of New Zealand Masjid Attacks

(Sunrise, FL, 03/18/2019) – The Islamic Foundation of South Florida held an inter-faith event in solidarity with the victims of the Masjid attacks in New Zealand. An organizer had this to say:

“Salaam all
IFSF had a very well attended interfaith event last night that was successful in no small part to the [South Florida Muslim] Federation’s efforts in assisting with getting the word out, and [Executive Director] Nezar rewriting our press release to make it through to news organizations. We had ch 6, 7, and 10 onsite for the event. That was meaningful along with the over 250 people of all faiths who attended. We did this as a way of bringing muslims to the greater Broward community and through the Federation [this] is a Muslim community and not just one masjid successful outreach.” —Sheryar Wahid, Islamic Foundation of South Florida

Below are some photos from the event:

The Islamic Foundation of South Florida is a member of the South Florida Muslim Federation.

*The South Florida Muslim Federation is an umbrella of 30 Muslim Organizations based in South Florida. (see 

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