In order to convey the sentiments of the SFL Muslim community regarding the recent spate of violence in Gaza, our development director, Imam Azhar Subedar and president, Samir Kakli wrote an oped for Palm Beach Post. The article emphasized the need for the world leaders to address the root cause of the conflict and suffering in the region – occupation of Palestinian land and atrocities incurred upon the dwellers. Respect for human life. acknowledging the core issue and working to resolving it is the way forward.

The OP-ED was published in Palm Beach Post on October 11, 2023 and be accessed here. Below are some of the excerpts from the piece:

“Violence will almost always be met with violence. Whether one starts the video when Hamas strikes at Israel or we start the video when Israel strikes at Hamas, it ends with mass destruction and many injured and dead civilians.

“We ― the world ― have failed to address the root cause of this conflict — the ongoing occupation and subjugation of the Palestinian people.

“A solution must be found that establishes dignity and equality for all in this land — Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. We pray for this, and pray for peace.”