Tri Star Taxes | Tax return preparation and IRS Representation

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Tri Star Taxes | Tax return preparation and IRS Representation

IRS Representation For Individuals and Businesses In South Florida

If you're tired of deciphering complex and overly complicated tax laws, dealing with the IRS, or spending excessive amounts of time and money sorting your financial planning and statements, then you came to the right place!

If you've come across this site, chances are you're wise enough to know that dealing with your taxes inappropriately or incorrectly can land you in serious trouble with the IRS. With all the serious 'traps' out there ranging from tax preparation to common real estate traps, chances are increasingly high that you can get slapped with colossal fines.

The IRS is already overloaded with cases and are under staffed. So, don't expect them to answer your calls without substantial wait time, and if you visit them, prepare yourself for startling lines that can give the DMV a run for its money. All of that is just more time you will take off your busy schedule. And when all is said and done, they won't handle many case matters and will probably refer you to seek professional help.

I don't wish any of this upon you!

My name is Martha and I provide personalized accounting and tax services for individuals, as well as businesses, that quickly and simply handles these vital issues for you personally, all at an affordable cost.

My Services include:

- Business Start-Up Consulting and Set-up

- Business Support Services

- IRS Representation Service

- Accounting Support

- Professional Preparation of Financial Statements

- Tax Return Preparation

- Individuals and Corporations

- Financial Planning

- And more

Contact Information

6750 North Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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