RnD Gs – Research and Development G’s Inc.

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RnD Gs – Research and Development G’s Inc.


¬ Innovative control solutions, from touch switches to mind readers (almost)

¬ Embedded systems and microcontrollers

¬ Web servers and active-x controls

¬ Custom programming and commercial application

¬ Home, office, and factory automation

¬ WEB applications and programming

¬ RF, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and other RF wireless platforms

¬ GSM, GPS, and other mobile controls

¬ PCB and enclosure design

¬ Electrical and electromechanical interface

¬ Sensors, actuators, and environmental controls

¬ Low-tech and high-tech innovative product design

¬ Patenting and legal services

¬ Business plans and marketing strategies

¬ Production assembly and components

¬ Investment with our clients and their innovative products

Unique Features

¬ Free initial consultation; you consult free as long as it helps you buy into your own invention until you are ready to start the first step towards your prototype

¬ Extremely low overhead

¬ We charge low upfront payments and reasonable royalties, we basically make money when you make money from your sales

¬ Life-time commitment to upgrade your products

¬ Friendly and personal attention

Technical Competence

¬ Our engineers are all experts within their individual areas of specialty. Most of them have graduate degrees from reputable universities and have long-time industrial experience.

¬ We use the latest in cutting edge technologies, making your potential product most optimal in size, power consumption, operational speed, and production cost.

¬ Innovative (very innovative) design techniques making your product ahead of its time and leaving zero room for your competitors. We basically re-invent your invention to make it many folds stronger and last longer in the market.

¬ We design for low and high volume production

¬ We design for low-cost consumer products to high-end commercial systems

¬ Aggressive concept to production time-table

¬ Complete turn-key solutions including instructions and user's manuals

¬ Life-time commitment to upgrade your product to stay the leader in the market

Just call and speak with G1

Contact Information

9620 VÃ_a Emilie, Boca Raton, Florida 33428

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