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Muslim Community of Palm Beach County



The mission of Muslim Community of Palm Beach County (MCPBC) is to provide the Muslim community with a fostering environment that promotes spiritual and devotional growth and to inspire true and meaningful worship with correct application of religious knowledge, so as to help every-day believers grow in faith and virtue.


The vision of MCPBC is to glorify God by, firstly, sharing the love and mercy of God in deeds and words, secondly, education

For the educational benefit of our community, the MCPBC is pleased - with the Grace of Allah - to announce the following classes & programs offered at the masjid.
Daily: Children's Quran classes 12 - 2 pm
[see flyer for details]
Monday Fiqh: '5 min. madrasah' after maghrib
(Imam will explain - with brevity - 1 fiqh topic per week)
Tuesday Hadith: 'Jami'ul 'Uloom wal Hikam' / Compendium of Knowledge & Wisdom
(A detail on Ibn Rajab al Hanbali's RH detailed writing after esha)
Wednesday Dawah: Visitation of neighboring homes
Thursday Arabic: 'Learn to Understand the Quran with Basic Arabic 101'
$15 to cover student books
(Imam will conduct a class in Arabic grammar, conversation and Quran vocab)
Friday Quran: Summary and Explanation of Quranic Verses after 'esha
Monthly: Once a month 'Community Lecture and Dinner for Families'
(see each month's program sheet for details)
Sunday Tajweed: Lessons in Quran recitation after fajr
In addition we offer
- Matrimonial (nikah) ceremonies
- Funeral (janazah) services
- Counseling
- Individual Quran lessons tailored around your schedule
- Inter-faith panels & meetings
- Mosque group hosting
- Youth programs
- Media addresses
- Inmate correspondence
- Full Ramadhan schedule
- Eid prayers
- Zakah collection and distribution
Please join in as many programs or classes as you can, as the educational benefit cannot be overstated.
For further details simply come by the masjid, visit us at or call the Imam at (404) 971 6540

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4893 Purdy Ln, West Palm Beach, Florida

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