Masjid Al-Iman

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Masjid Al-Iman

Masjid al Iman is a unique Masjid that serves the Muslim Community in South Florida for decades. The age of the Masjid goes back to the late seventies (1970s) where the Masjid at that time used to be known as Masjid Mohammad. Then the name changed to Masjid al Iman when expansions of the Masjid start taking place due to the growing number of the Muslim community. also, by the grace of Allah, Who had blessed us with the deen of al Islam, as a complete way of life which is enriched with the best values and manners for humankind, you will be very impressed to meet Muslims from all over the globe and from all different races, ages, colors, nationalities, all are coming together in the form of one body as brothers and sisters in Islam with all means of humbleness and receptiveness manifested in their daily life.

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