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A Message to Parents

Our program consultants and tutors are available to provide clear, helpful, accurate information to aid your decision-making and answer your questions. As you develop an appropriate path for your child, we work in tandem to design customized programs that produce the maximum educational benefit. By adhering to the highest professional and personal standards, and by maintaining open communication, we work to earn and maintain your trust in the role we play in your son's or daughter's academic development.

Virtually entirely through word-of-mouth, our message has been enthusiastically spread, and received, by growing communities of parents and educators. Through a systematic educational approach, we demystify academic material and build deep confidence in our students and their families. In so doing, we help them transcend anxieties about testing and encourage them to maintain a positive focus.

A Message to Students

We believe that preparing for tests can be deeply rewarding. If you peel away the layers of anxiety, cynicism, and misperceptions surrounding tests, what you find is a core set of teachable, and learnable, educational concepts. Our programs help you master those concepts and achieve your goals.

Typically, an Ivy League Private Tutoring program requires the same level of time and commitment as a class at school. You will work hard, but you may be surprised by how much you enjoy the process. Working with a tutor you like and trust, you can focus your energies where you need to and determine the right pace and content of your studies. In the end, your independent accomplishments will be securely grounded in the quality of your own efforts.

About Us

We believe that sound long-term preparation enables students to develop the tools necessary for success. Whether mastering academic course materials or studying for standardized tests, our students develop the skills and motivation to maintain a rigorous, individually tailored approach to learning that ultimately instills education's most enduring rewards:

- self-confidence

- academic growth

- joy in learning

- intellectual curiosity

We adapt traditional methods of study and practice for the individual student. Our tutors teach students to study not just intensively, but effectively. We do not believe in 'tricks' and we recognize that there are no short cuts. Instead, we teach the core content and strategies relevant to every subject, test, or assignment, an approach that is consistently educational.

Our Approach to Learning

- Long-term: Cognition involves phases of digestion, application, and repetition that take time, both during and between teaching sessions. The benefits of such productive work, of course, become long-term as well.

- Rigorous: Ivy League Private Tutoring students work hard. We teach the efficiencies of skill, knowledge, and sound reasoning rather than short cuts or tricks. Assignments, memorization, drills, and practice tests are crucial components of our programs.

- Comprehensive: For thirty years, we have continually refined and expanded our teaching materials and approaches. Our curricula and instruction reflect a depth and breadth born of experience and thorough analysis.

- Practical: We design and implement concrete strategies with specific steps toward attainable goals. Practice itself is the backbone of our structured test preparation.

- Creative: Perhaps paradoxically, our structured approach enables creativity. Tutors adapt their distinctive styles of teaching to each individual student, while the student in turn is encouraged to contribute to the process.

Our Tutors

Ivy League Private Tutoring is a group of educators specializing in academic tutoring and test preparation. Our faculty consists primarily of high honors graduates of leading colleges and universities. Many hold graduate or professional degrees. Of the hundreds of applications we receive regularly, we select only a few dozen for interviews and ultimately hire just a few. Five were hired.'

Our tutors must be:

- able to motivate students of whatever background or ability to achieve their highest possible scores.

- experienced, dedicated teachers who have received uniformly outstanding reviews from their students inside and outside our program.

- energetic, informal, and approachable so as to be able to establish productive relationships with our students.

- top performers required to score in the 99.5th percentile on any standardized test they teach for us.

- students themselves of the continuously evolving science of standardized test construction.

Message from the founder

Welcome to Ivy League Private Tutoring. I trust that you are reading about us because you are as serious about education as we are. Ivy League Private Tutoring has spent over 28 years developing and refining approaches and materials for effective teaching, studying, and learning. In that period, we have confirmed countless times that there is no mode of instruction more powerful than one-on-one tutoring.

We believe in tutoring because it brings to the learning process an extraordinary measure of focus, vigilance, and communication. With its every aspect and nuance framed for the individual, this mode of teaching immerses a student in an intensive yet well-suited educational environment.

If you think back to the teachers who have had the most lasting influence on you, you may recognize that they were the ones who spoke to you as an individual and challenged you. In so doing, such teachers inspire not only the hard work necessary to succeed but also its attendant long-term rewards of academic and personal development.

My professor had challenged me. That challenge served as a catalyst for significant intellectual and emotional growth. While offering invaluable advice, clear instruction, and warm encouragement, he set a high bar for acceptable work. I worked harder on my three remaining papers than I had on any assignments in my academic career until that point. These later papers did, thankfully, meet with my mentor's approval. In the years since then, this professor's personal and professional model has profoundly influenced the high standards I set for myself and for others.

My work as a tutor has been predicated on the tenet that-along with clarity, concern, and encouragement-a willingness to challenge is a hallmark of any excellent teacher. Among Ivy League Private Tutoring tutors and students alike, our experiences have reinforced this central belief. In turn, this belief shapes our experiences. I hope it will shape yours as well.

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5973 FL-808, Boca Raton, Florida 33431

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