BASMAH Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity Inc

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BASMAH Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity Inc


Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity Inc (BASMAH)

Partner of “Basmah Foundation” in Bangladesh.


Everyday Hundreds of Lives are Touched by BASMAH Programs.

The right kind of change happens when people are empowered.

Our vision is to motivate the underprivileged and enable them with the they need to independently improve their lives and their communities. Short-term help is great but long-term stability is the goal. Our projects are developed for the long-term growth for communities all over Bangladesh.

If you Brighten a Life, you Change their World. Then that individual will continue to brighten the lives of everyone around them. BASMAH is determined to brighten as many lives as possible.

Eid Gift for Kids Drive Through Program at ICBR:

Basmah has held a Eid Gift for Kids-Drive Through program in collaboration with ICBR on occasion of Eid Ul Adha 2020 at ICBR.


Children Care & Learning Centers:

Our 6 Children Care Centers within the Rohingya Refugee Camps are providing a safe place for kids to learn and grow. We provide emotional and moral support, educating 450+ children per day!

Medical Care Centers:

At our Medical Care Center within the Rohingya refugee camps, we treat more than 700 patients every week! All patients are provided free medical care, medicines, primary care, emergency care, distributing medicines, health advice, and so much more aid projects have empowered local doctors to take control of their communities.

Sewing Machine Training & Distribution Centers:

Our Sewing Training Program has empowered many women to set up small businesses in their household. We are running these centers in different rural areas of Bangladesh. Alhamdulillah! In short period of time, women at these training centers have started manufacturing school uniforms for Rohingya children who are studying at the Basmah Children Care Center.

Ramadan Iftar Distribution Project:

We have been distributing Ramadan Iftar for the last few years, in Ramadan 2020 we have distributed iftar to 100,000 people (i.e. 40,000 Rohingya refugee families and local Bangladeshi community!)

Qurbani/Udhiya 2020 Project:

We have arranged Qurbani/Udhiya of animals on behalf of Muslim brothers and sisters from the USA and sacrifice the animal in Bangladesh and distributed the meat among the Rohingya refugees and the needy local Bangladeshi community.

Clean Water Project:

Alhamdulillah, we have installed tube wells in different locations in Rohingya camps and poor communities in Bangladesh. These tube wells are providing clean water for so many people each day.

Blanket & Winter Cloths Distribution Project:

We have distributed blankets and winter cloths among Rohingya refugees and host community; we distributed more than 10,000 blankets to Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi Locals in winter of 2019-2020.

Food Aid project for the Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic in the USA:

We have provided food basket to hundreds of families in Michigan Hamtramck, An- Arbor and other cities who have been badly affected by the Covid-19 led situation.

In Summary

The day to day living of impoverished individuals is an incredible struggle! It is hard to imagine this, when living our normal lives.

On a monthly basis we facilitate medical aid to children and their families in the Rohingya refugee camps. With enough resources, we can also provide temporary shelters and food for these individuals. Basmah brings not only relief to these villagers, but also a solution.

We are strong believers that every moment counts, because lives are on hold for every day that goes by without a helping hand. Change is hard.  And if we were aware of the urgency of the situation that is faced by so many individuals in Bangladesh, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second and take action.

Empower the people of Bangladesh today.


*BASMAH, a non-profit organization, is a subsidiary of Meer Foundation, USBD.

Tax ID # 82-1670588. 501 (c)(3)



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