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AlAzhar School

What sets our school apart?


One would assume that at a school where religion is emphasized there would be a loss in academics. At Alazhar, that is not the case.

Alazhar School offers a comprehensive curriculum including all core academic subjects, highlighted under the Sunshine State Standards. The curriculum implemented at Alazhar fosters awareness of the relationship between Islam and all core academic subjects. This curriculum provides a link between the learning process and the actual environment allowing students gain in depth knowledge to truly ‚live‚ Islam, setting Alazhar School apart from others.

Standard Examination:

Most of our students scored between the average to high average, with students ranking in the 90th percentile in Math and the 80th percentile in reading on the SAT 10th Edition.

County Competitions:

Our students are active participants in the Broward County Science & History Fairs. Over the years, our students have ranked in the Top 5 for the Broward County Science Fair with some ranking in 1st place and other proceeding onto State Level Competitions.


Alazhar School has a very close relationship with its alumni students. Almost every graduate comes back to Alazhar to volunteer and give back to the school because of the impact we've had on them.


As the foundation of Alazhar School, our pre-school uses hands-on, innovative approach to learning, with activities ranging from circle time, play time, art, story time, music and movement, role-playing, computer, playground, Arabic and Quran classes. The Alazhar Preschool strives to promote and encourage children to become competent in all areas of development. The low student to teacher ratio present supports the social-emotional, educational, and Islamic growth of each child.

The preschool is A.P.P.L.E. accredited and a Florida Gold Seal Quality Care Program. In addition, the preschool program has a 5+ star rating from the Broward County Quality Rating and Improvement System.

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