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Safiya Khalid becomes first Somali American elected to Lewiston City Council!!

Safiya Khalid, 23, won with 69.9 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results. Safiya Khalid

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Pakistani Prime Minister Warns of 'Bloodbath' in Kashmir Region.

(UNITED NATIONS) –– Insisting he wasn’t making a threat, Pakistan’s leader denounced his Indian counterpart on

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QUIET IN KASHMIR - by Waseem Quadri!

It is such a disgrace that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our president, Donald Trump, will address 50,000

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South Florida Muslims Stand Up Against Occupation & Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

(Miami, FL  09/05/2019) – The South Florida Muslim Federation announces that the South Florida Muslim community is

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Weakness Exposed - Miami Herald

Samir Kakli, president of the South Florida Muslim Federation, wrote an article that got published by the Miami

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6 Things you can do NOW for Uighur Muslims

What is happening in China? 2 Million Uighurs are in concentration camps, children taken away by force 5000

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