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Nezar Needs Tires... Why Not #BuyMuslim? [VIDEO]

Nezar Needs Tires... Nezar needs tires! So he's gonna go find a local Muslim business to support (and save some

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Muslims, Unity Does Not Mean Uniformity [Essay]

Everyone seems to support Muslim unity. When we talk about "uniting the Muslim community," there's an almost

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3 Things Can Do For You

What is What can it do for me? What can I do with it? We're glad you asked. The South Florida

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Four Muslim-American families living in SF share their hopes

The Miami Herald spent several months with four Muslim-American families who live in South Florida. In time for the

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Here’s why it’s so difficult to be a Syrian refugee in South Florida

Kamar Byrkdar, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee who arrived in Broward County five months ago, sits in her living room

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