Become a High-performing Board (Non-Profit Workshop)

On October 27th, the General Body of South Florida Muslim Federation the pleasure of a visit from brother Tayyab Yunus, for a workshop on Financial sustainability, and how to become a high performing non-profit board. Tayyab is a social entrepreneur and founder and CIO of intuitive solutions. He worked as executive director for ISNA and is also the president of the Muslim Philanthropy Initiative. Tayyab has been providing strategic guidance to both Profit and Non-profit organizations for over 20 years. See the video from this amazing workshop, and receive great ideas on how to take things to the next level, for yourself as a volunteer, as well as your collective organization. Inshallah, we look forward to future training from Brother Tayyab in our community!



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  1. Reply Ahmad Abdulreda

    Assalm Alaikom,
    Super Great presentation by brother Tayyeb.
    I Urge all board members of all islamic center to attend these kind of classes at least one a year.
    please let us know when will be your next presentation in South East Florida.
    God bless all


    Ahmad Abdulreda

    • Reply samirkakli

      Walaikumsalam – indeed it was! Please spread the word to all – especially masjid leaders, we will definitely have brother tayyab back Inshallah, next time for a longer session.

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