Pictures Courtesy: Naima Khan, IFSF and MSA

Broward County has proclaimed April to be ‘Muslim Heritage Month’ signifying the diversity as well as contributions of Muslim community to the socio-cultural, civic and political spheres. Broward County Commissioner Barbara Sharief read out the proclamation and presented it to Muslim Students Association (MSA) representatives during a special ceremony held at Islamic Foundation of South Florida on Tuesday.

The declaration has been made possible by the continuous work of  Naima Khan, a BCPS Teacher and Advisor to MSA Broward Schools, who vowed that she would ‘continue to promote diversity and equity’ in the years ahead. Other local Muslim leaders present at the ceremony included Shehryar Wahid and Mufti Sultan from IFSF, Samir Kakli, President SFL Muslim Federation, Ancel Pratt, Director Operations EMGAGE FL and Yunus Ismail of Friends of Humanity Intl. Inc.

All the leaders agreed that it was a huge milestone that will not only help strengthen the voice of the community but also serve as a reminder for future generations of the efforts and contributions made by Muslims in gaining recognition as an integral part of the society in South Florida. While they acknowledged that there was still a lot of work needed to deal with the anti-Muslim biases and stereotypes, they hoped to continue their efforts and pass on the legacy to the younger Muslim members of the community.

Previously, five cities of the county had declared April as ‘Muslim Heritage Month’ in April 2017. The decision by Broward County is greatly appreciated by Muslim Community in SFL as it continues to work towards breaking barriers by making efforts to provide relief to Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike in the times of need; to raise awareness about significant social, political and civic issues; and to strengthen relations with interfaith communities.

The video of the complete ceremony can be viewed here:

Cooper and Miramar cities also presented Muslim leaders with proclamations declaring April as Muslim Heritage Month. 

Sana Saif
Author: Sana Saif

Program Manager