AFTER HURRICANE DORIAN Relief efforts expand for the Bahamas after Hurricane.

Hurricane Dorian relief efforts are expanding, this time with various religious organizations and charities lending a helping hand.

Here are the different ways you can help: The South Florida Muslim Federation has coordinated with 21 mosques from across the state to collect and ship about $25,000 worth of supplies to the Bahamas. Volunteers from South Florida’s Muslim community on Monday began stocking a shipping container at Masjid Jamaat Al’Mu-Mineen, 3222 Holiday Springs Dr. in Margarte.

“While our thoughts and prayers are with the 400,000 citizens of Baha-mas, we must take action and provide aid to them to overcome this humanitarian crisis,”

said Yunus Ismail, a board member of Friends of Humanity and Project Manager for the Bahama Hurricane Dorian relief effort.

“This is part of our faith and in our DNA•”‘ Ah they’re no longer accepting supplies you can still donate money online at

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