About SoFloMuslims

As-salamu Alaikum, May Peace Be with You

Welcome to, a project of the South Florida Muslim Federation. We created this site to help you navigate all the events, centers, businesses, and services related to the South Florida Muslim community. Between Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, there are well over 40 mosques and community organizations serving the local populations (both Muslim and not).

Whether you are a New Muslim in need of assistance, a community member looking for information or services, or just someone stopping by to learn more about Muslims in South Florida, we welcome you and hope you find what you’re looking for (and please feel free to contact us and let us know if you don’t, we’re always open to new ideas and suggestions).

About South Florida Muslim Federation

In early 2017, representatives from over 40 Masajid & Organizations across South Florida met in a Town Hall to discuss working together for common interest in a unified platform, (or Federation). In October 2018, the following mission was collectively and unanimously established by over 3 dozen organizations:

To be a resource sharing hub that connects, empowers and serves South Florida Muslim organizations.


South Florida Muslim Federation

3255 NW 94th Avenue #9235

Coral Springs, FL, 33075



Sana Saif Tirmazee
Program Manager, South Florida Muslim Federation
Cell: 954-544-9479



Samir Kakli
President, Executive Committee
Cell: 954-610-9843
Junaid Akhter
Executive Committee Member – Marketing & Public Relations
Cell: 561-906-8660

Afifa Khaliq
Secretary, Executive Committee
Cell: 561-385-5984

Yunus Ismail
Broward County Representative 
Cell: 954-605-2937
Muhammad Irshad
Vice President, Executive Committee
Cell: 305-812-5343

Abdul Rauf Khan
Palm Beach County Representative 
Cell: 321-216-7937
Maha Elkolalli
 Executive Committee – Community Outreach
Cell: 954-599-6329
Patricia Salahuddin
Miami Dade County Representative 
Cell: 786-797-0504

Abbas Hachem
Executive Committee Member – Revenue
Cell: 305-218-9125
Hisham Mohammed
Executive Committee Member – Treasurer
Cell: 305-469-1436