13 Mosque Open House Iftars, 6 County/City Proclamations, 3 Government Hosted Iftars!

(Miami, FL  06/01/2019) – The South Florida Muslim Federation is proud to announce that the South Florida Muslim Community hosted thousands of guests during 13 different Open House Iftars in the Holy Month of Ramadan. This historic accomplishment comes from the hard work and dedication from so many individuals and organizations in South Florida that are committed to building bridges with our neighbors. During the Open House Iftars our guest learned about the 5 pillars of Islam, the Holy Month of Ramadan and shared a delicious meal with their neighbors. During these events many guests asked difficult questions and the Muslim community was able to dispel several myths and stereotypes.

See pictures of the Open House Iftars:

Broward County, The City of Hollywood, The City of Miramar, Cooper City, The City of Tamarac and The City of Pembroke Pines all declared May as Muslim Heritage month in honor of Ramadan and the contributions that the Muslim community makes to our society. The South Florida Muslim Federation and its members applaud the courage and leadership of our elected officials for standing with and embracing the Muslim community. At a time when our country is divided, these leaders, our elected officials went out of their way to honor the Muslim community. Instead of our elected leaders using Islamophobia and hate to win support, they embraced the love and inclusion that South Florida is famous for.

You often hear about the White House hosting an annual Iftar dinner, but never have 3 different government entities in South Florida hosted Muslims for Iftar. Broward County, The City of Miramar and Cooper City all hosted their first Annual Iftar dinners. Mayors, city commissioners, city managers and other city staff all joined the festivities and broke bread with their Muslim neighbors. During these Iftars the Government Officials invited  members of the Muslim Community to share stories and most importantly, the elected officials honored the Muslim community and extended hands of friendship. The Muslim community leaders responded and committed to helping with anything the cities may need to make our society a better place.

“I am very proud of all the hard work the Muslim community in South Florida has done this Ramadan to build bridges. It truly is a blessed month, a remarkable month where we made new friends and exemplified our commitment to each other. I know each community leader I have spoken to has committed to making next year’s Ramadan events even better. This year several Mosques held Open Houses for the first time, while others have continued their traditions of opening their doors for everyone. The South Florida Muslim Community is committed to the greater community and we are here to serve towards the greater good of everyone’s future,” says Nezar Hamze the Executive Director of the South Florida Muslim Federation.        

Media Contact:

Nezar Hamze, Executive Director, The South Florida Muslim Federation,

Phone: 954-673-9459  Email:nhamze@soflomuslims.com

The South Florida Muslim Federation is an umbrella of Muslim Organizations based in South Florida. (see www.soflomuslims.com/about).


Below is a list of organizations:

Al-Amin Center

American Islamic Center of Florida


Masjid Baitul Mukarram


Council of Muslim Student Associations

CAIR Florida

Council of Islamic Schools of South Florida

Darul Uloom Institute

Dawah Islam


Friends of Humanity

Helping Hands Relief

Islamic Center of Broward

Islamic Center of Boca Raton

Islamic Center of Weston

Islamic Circle of North America Relief

Islamic Center of South Florida

Islamic Foundation of South Florida

Islamic Jafferia Association

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic School of Miami

Madinatul Uloom Institute

Masjid Al-Ansar

Masjid Al-Hijrah

Masjid Ihsan

Muslim Communities Association

Masjid Jamaat Al’Mu-mineen

MAS of South Florida

Muslim Women’s Organization of South Florida

Nur Ul Islam

South Florida Young Muslims Professionals

Youth Coalition of South Florida

Young Muslims


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